Bespoke Dental Appliances

At Stones Bank Dental Laboratory, we create bespoke appliances focusing on private prosthetics and implant cases.

Providing beautifully natural and functional dental appliances with highly professional service to surgeries across Yorkshire, Lancashire and beyond

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Lower Overdenture / Upper full arch fixed beam

This patient had half the lower jaw missing. We made an overdenture with clips to attach to a Dolder bar on the lower so the applicance was retentive but could be removed and cleaned easily by the patient. The upper jaw was restored with a full arch fixed beam

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Full Arch Fixed Beams and Bridges

Full arch fixed beams not only need to look beautiful, they also need to function perfectly. We worked with Createch in this case for the titanium hybrid, screw retained beams. We then processed with Ivobase injection mould acrylic and finished with composite for added characterisation.

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